Scratchin Post Comics main characters


Welcome to the City of Scratchin Post

Trixie Schwartz runs the city milk kitchen and hosts an AM TV segment called At What Cost?  Trixie thinks Katrinka is a male named Kevin, and assumes "Katrinka" is Russian for "Kevin."

Katrinka and her sister Natasha arrived from Russia in steerage. Natasha found a dismal apartment in a female-only building, while Katrinka eased her way into a comfy existence at Trixie's. Natasha is a school cafeteria "lunch lady."

Homer Doe and his "Associate," Chester Periwinkle, met in the dumpster behind the donut shop. Homer took the young kitten under his wing, teaching him how to survive using cons, tricks and sharp gimmicks. They live in a vacant lot in the Hairball District. Chester draws a comic called Captain Junkyard Cat.

Irv and Thelma Poodlestein live next door to Trixie with their daughter, Tracy. Irv runs Poobisco Industries, a biscuit manufacturer, and believes in the redemptive power of octagons. Thelma is active in Scratchin Post society, but is happiest with her best pal, Trixie.

AJ has the only rent-free apartment in town, courtesy of a government slip-up. His bitter landlord, Victor Swineski, is set on driving him out. AJ scrapes by as the voice of the "At What Cost?" guy.

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