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The blue cats are from where?
Katrinka and Natasha are sisters from Russia.

What is "nyet?"
It's the Russian word for "no." We push it to mean "not" as well.

Sometimes Katrinka is called "Kevin." Why?
Trixie the Labrador is a bit daft and thinks Katrinka is male. Through a misunderstanding in a story not yet posted, she comes to think that "Katrinka" is Russian for "Kevin."

Why does Irv Poodlestein love octagons?
That will be answered in a story yet to come.

What is the history of this strip?
It's done by a married couple. We go by our nicknames, Bengo (husband, the writer) and Pug (wife, the artist). When we married we agreed that a collaborative career would be the most rewarding, and we began developing 
this strip based on comic renderings of some pets. We have about 1000 pages in storyboard.

Are the Poodlesteins Jewish? What about Trixie Schwartz?
Yes. Trixie is not. She got her last name from being based on a black Lab -- "Schwartz" means "black." In the strip, it is easier to portray her as chocolate.

Why does Swineski hate AJ?
AJ rented a flat from Swineski during a brief window of legislative error at town hall, and got a rent controlled apartment set at zero rent. That doesn't stop Swineski from trying to collect rent and drive AJ out.

Why is Trixie's niece Chessie a different breed of dog?
Chessie is a border collie. Trixie is an adopted aunt. And this makes Katrinka "Uncle Kevin."

How do you make the strip?
I write and draw the strip as a draft storyboard using a Sharpie on Bristol. Pug pencils on a new pad and inks with a brush. I color and letter her panels in Photoshop, then she does touch-ups and fixes any bad color choices I make. Pay special attention to the line of her inking. It's hard to beat inking with a brush, but it takes a deft hand.

Are Marla and Darla sisters?
First cousins.

What does Trixie do for a living?
She runs the Scratchin Post Milk Kitchen. She also has a morning TV segment called "At What Cost?"

What kind of car does Trixie drive?
An Opel. Katrinka drives a Mini Miny Mo. Irv, a Chrysler Le Baron. Natasha, an Indian motorcycle with side car.

What kind of animals are the Poodlesteins?
Standard Poodles.

What other characters are specific breeds?
Well, all police are pigs and all firefighters are Dalmatians. Gil Houndstooth, TV news reporter, is a German Shepherd. Natasha and Katrinka are Russian Blues, but all the other cats are regular Domestic Shorthairs. All the penguins are Adelies. Lava Beria is a Russian brown bear.

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